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Happy Halloweenie!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. This is Derek's tribute to Yo Gabba Gabba and
the super stylish DJ Lance Rock.

A Frame in Every Colour!

(Image via Dezeen)

Definitely gonna try to make it next year, this year's London Design Festival held at the
super awesome Victoria and Albert Museum looked freakin' amazing. Loved this project
from Stuart Haygarth. Tasked with just frame moulding, Haygarth dresses the massive
marble stairway into a creative and beautiful sculpture.  
(via Dezeen)

(Image via Dezeen)

Daily Featured Item - Hero & Sound Screenprints

They're here! Jully found these amazing screenprints on her trip to the San Francisco
Renegade Craft Fair
. Come by and check them out, they're even more awesome in


(Image via NemaWorkshop)

It's just a design at this time, but this is a truly clever and beautiful concept from New York
based design firm Nema Workshop. D'Espresso approached the firm to design a space
that would become an "expresso empire." With that in mind, the firm, physically used the
idea to "turn an idea on its side" by tiling and branding the space with books (via the
neighboring New York Public Library). So clever.
(via Dezeen)

(Image via NemaWorkshop)

(Image via NemaWorkshop)

Button Up!

We made Button x Buttons!!! So, we've been trying our hand at making our own stuff
these last few weeks and these are our latest attempt! With the help of our cousin, Adam,
who helped us with our Alpha Shelves, we thought it would be really fun to make these
cute little buttons. Made with resalvaged wood from New Mexico, these 1"-1-1/2" buttons
have a secure pin adhered to its back so you can wear it on your jacket or wherever.
Have to say, we've been so lucky these past few weeks to get to do all these creative

Mega Maps

(Image via MathewCusick) Would love to have this for the shop

Truly beautiful. We're kinda obsessed with old maps and these paintings from artists
Matthew Cusick are simply stunning. The layers of the physical maps and the lines on
each individual maps creates wonderful texture and depth. Could stare at these images
all day. AND, according to his CV, he now lives and works in Dallas. Pretty cool.
(via Scuttlefish via FuckTeahCartography)

(Image via MathewCusick) the layers creates so much movement and makes this waves look alive!

(Image via MathewCusick) crazy to think that maps makes these eyes look so intense.

(Image via MathewCusick) amazing expression.

(Image via MathewCusick) love this.

And it's yellow!

(Image via christophemachet)

It's just a concept bike, but this super functionally baskety Camioncyclette bicycle from
Christophe Machet is perfect. Even our BigShopDog would fit in the baskets!
(via Good)

(Image via christophemachet)


(Image via mmarsupalimi)

Anything giant is awesome. Love this mega over-sized clothespin cinching the ground
like it's a huge grass blanket.
(via ReubenMiller)

(Image via mmarsupalimi)