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Doesn't get simpler than this

(image via Anthony Burrill)

For some reason, this is the first time we've seen this. From one of our favourite graphic
designers and printmakers, Anthony Burrill, thought this perfect in every way.

Herriott Grace

Ice Cream Scoop (Image via HarriottGrace)

Not sure what is more beautiful, the wooden handmade pieces from Harriott Grace or
the story behind each piece. As a family owned and operated business and one that
is always on the lookout for well-crafted and designed products with a bit of soul, these
"small handmade wooden things" from the Canadian father-daughter duo really struck
a cord. Their story goes a little like this:

we've a bit to the story though
and we think you might like to hear about it.

my father and i live 4600 kilometers apart.
and we send packages.

we don't see each other all that much.
but, we've found we love similar sorts of things.
and wood just happens to be one of them.

the neat thing about that is,
that my dad,
is very much a craftsman.

anyway, sometime ago now
he began to send me hand-carved spoons,
i loved them.

then one day i asked him
if he thought he'd like to share them with
anyone other than myself.

he took a few days to think about it,
and after a brief conversation about people appreciating them,
i convinced him to share.

he said he only wanted to sell to people
that would understand the time he had spent,
the effort he had placed...

so thanks for stopping in
we hope you find as much joy in these small things
as we do."

Amazing story, right? Think this is what our ShopDad always refers to as the simple things
in life.

Children's Rolling Pin (Image via HarriottGrace)

Flour Scoop (Image via HarriottGrace)

Aria Wine Bar

Aria (Image via UrbanDaddy)

Cannot get enough of this vintage industrial style of furnishing and atmosphere. Hearty
and weathered pieces that have a timeless style – so beautiful and cozy at the same time.
Just like this gorgeous Aria Wine Bar in the West Village in New York. Wasn't able to find
a direct website, but add this on the growing list of must visit places.

On a side note, for some reason we have gotten a lot of inquiries on our schoolhouse
table, the one with the stools that swivel out, these last few weeks. We got that in Dallas
at the White Elephant, a local antique shop. Don't think they have anymore, but we wanted
to share some other resources we found if you're looking for a similar table. Before we
opened, we had planned on driving to New York to Get Back, Inc. (the U-Haul was even
reserved, luckily we found it just 5 miles away!) Also, Factory 20 is a good bet, if not just
for creative inspiration from the beautiful photography on their website.

Aria (Image via UrbanDaddy)

Aria (Image via UrbanDaddy)

(Image via GetBackInc)

(Image via GetBackInc)

Daily Featured Item - Blake Suarez Screenprints

It's been an exciting few weeks as we get more and more goodies into our shop. One of
our favourite finds (thanks to one of our fav blogs and dudes) are these new screenprints
from Blake Suarez, a very talented and really really nice designer and illustrator in Florida.
These over-sized screenprints of a hare, wolf, sloth and bear come in two options - single
black colour on white paper (like this photo) or with silver metallic ink on black paper.
This is a super coolz collection.

American Heritage... In Sweden

(Image via MrMuddAndMrGold)

Hmmm, the travel wishlist seems to get longer and longer... This simple and beautiful shop,
in Sweden, is thoughtfully named after the Townes Van Zandt classic, Mr Mudd And Mr Gold,
and it's is calling out to us. All the products and brands inside, including the shop's all pine
fixtures echo tradition and quality.  It's "true to the the cult of craftsmanship, the narrative
behind every company the stores does business with..
." As both a shop owner and shopper,
everything about this is tempting.
(via NYTimes)

(Image via MrMuddAndMrGold)

(Image via MrMuddAndMrGold)


(Image via OMGCO) What an entrance.

Screw it, not gonna be  responsible and save money, THIS is THE next trip. From Portland's
The Official Mfg. Co, three dudes that describe themselves like this - "We are thing makers" -
in BOLD, this is the Ace Hotel, which they designed, branded and made a zillion awesome
things for. From the physical space to printed collateral, everything oozes quality, beautiful
textiles and materials; like a really masculine bear of a dude winking at you and giving you
a warm hug. Know exactly what all those saved airline miles are gonna be used for now.
(OMFGO also designed a shirt that I think we need to have.)

(Image via OMGCO) everything about this is so beautiful

(Image via OMGCO) feels like you traveled back in time.

(Image via OMGCO) they even designed a magazine!

(Image via OMGCO) cool poster, cool signage, cool EVERYTHING

(Image via OMGCO) great idea for a tag and LOVE that man pouring the milk and handwriting underneath

(Image via OMGCO) love this room.

(Image via OMGCO) whoa, this door is deep. And, this hotel seems like it would be really fun.

(Image via OMGCO) nice.

2010 Holiday Hours!

we got our twinkle lights up!

We have some new (longer) hours up for the holidays! Starting next week, we'll be open
every day!

Thursday 11/25 – Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday      11/26 – 10am to 8pm
Saturday  11/27 – 10am to 8pm
Sunday    11/28 – 10am to 8pm

For the rest of November and December, this is our shop schedule:

click here for a larger version

Granada Theatre

Image provided by The Granada

A few weeks ago, the nice folks at the Granada Theater, one of the BEST venues for live
and indie music approached us and asked if we were interested in giving away some of
tickets to their shows because they were "all about promoting the local scene by working
with independent shops to support music and the arts.
" Umm... HECK YES!

First off, the historic Granada is quintessential Dallas. Second, we love all the music they
showcase. Third, (with the success of Wednesday night's Candlelight Walk On Henderson
and another event coming up this weekend for The Deep Ellum Outdoor Market), we really
feel like this area–  East Dallas/Greenville/Henderson/Deep Ellum (no idea what to call it)
is coming together and working as a community. It's actually pretty cool.

We don't quite know how we're gonna do this yet, but we're gonna start off with maybe
a trivia question on the band a few days before which will post on FB, Twitter, and our
blog. First person to email us,, the correct answer wins a pair of
tickets! Simple enough, right?

So, we're gonna start off with two shows for November. The first one is (one of Vynsie's
favs!) Montreal's Stars on Saturday, November 20th. And, on Tuesday November 30th,
Blonde Redheads will be here.

So, here goes, first person to email us,, with the correct answer
is going to Saturday night's show. Question - What was the Star's third album?

Image provided by The Granada