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Oak Cliff Is Being Awesome Again

Mark your calenders for the Better Block Project in Oak Cliff on April 10 & 11th.

For two days only, neighborhood activists are exploring that concept by creating pop-up
shops—a plant/gift shop, a coffee shop, kids art studio—in an experiment that’s part art
installation, part political statement. This pre-war block with restrictive retail zoning and
high car traffic is converting to a people-friendly environment by adding businesses
most requested by locals and by reclaiming street space with outdoor seating, historic
lighting, and more. Both new and existing businesses are celebrating this prospect with
unique happenings at each location. The project is part of the greater Oak Cliff Art Crawl,
which is being held on April 10th and 11th, 2010, and organized by Go Oak Cliff,
a non-profit working to improve quality of life in North Oak Cliff.

400 Block of North Tyler Street
Dallas, Texas 75208

Pop-up Businesses and Times:
WIGWAM (Flower Store): April 10th, Sat. 12-8pm; April 11th, Sun. 12-6m
Rock, Paper, Scissors (Kid's Art Studio): April 10/11 Sat & Sun 10am-6pm
Philosophia Cafe: April 10th, Sat. 10am-8pm; April 11th Sun 10am-6pm

Visit for more information.

Sewn From The Soul

  Image from Sewn from the Soul, this amazing poem is from Joekenneth Museau 

Thanks to the amazing Brooklyn Circus which we touched on about a week ago (and now
devotedly following), we came across Street Etiquette, another blog by Josh and Travis,
two very cool guys that effortlessly blends fashion with substance. Back in February,
during Black History Month, they produced an thoughtful editoral called Sewn From the Soul.
They collaborated with seven friends to "mesh Style with History." Like that they capped
Style and History.

In their own words, "history is important as it gives us the ability to trace back what has
occurred previously to help us better direct ourselves to the future.
"Many people ask what
WE ARE 1976 means, why we named our shop this... We couldn't have said it better.

They continue with, "Style contributes to one’s overall character and truly dictates our
persona in everything that surrounds us.
" This isn't just a pretty editorial piece. We really
appreciate that they aren't afraid to choose icons that aren't as safe or to be a little
controverial. To see see the final results of this project, click here. From a graphic design
standpoint, their monochromatic palette is so powerful and beautiful. From a conceptual
standpoint, everything about this is so inspired and smart.

  From Sewn From the Soul, Joshua Kissi honours Gordan Parks. LOVE this quote.

  From Sewn From the Soul, Clever.

Thanks For The Great Turnout Ya'll!

Big high-five and thanks to everyone that came out to support our third show ever with
Magnificent Beard. We had a great time and really hope y'all did too. Special thanks
to Tony and Cliff for manning the bar and security detail (big apologies to guy we chased
down that wasn't the guy that we should have chased down...), Jully for making gluton-free
meatballs sexy, Derek for making gold spray-painted foamboard hot (and for making the
TWO extra beer runs), and, of course, Matt and Connor for sharing their work with us.
To see more photos check out our facebook album.


That's right. We have a button machine! We got it in yesterday and we were planning on
making millions and making the world a better place! However, four hours later... we have
a organic baby food jar amount of buttons. The machine is awesome but a tad more time
intensive than we thought. If you want one of our (now) so limited edition buttons, then
come by the shop tonight and pick one up!

Excuse our dust!

  Meet Magnificent Beard

We've been crazy busy getting ready for tomorrow night's Magnificent Beard print show.
At this very moment, Derek is busy hanging all the brand new prints in our gallery for
their Dallas debut. Can't wait to see it all up!

Todays Song of the Day

We were feeling the love and grooove for The Roots' The Seed today.
Like a lead singer/ guitarist that carries a purse WHILE he performs.
(If the link isn't working, click here.)

Studio 204

  Letterpress from STUDIO 204

Two more people that we are so grateful to be working with is Kim Neiman and Virgil Scot
from STUDIO 204 in Arlington. These two expert graphic designers / letterpress artists /
bookbinders / super stylish folks oozes talent and graciousness. Can you tell, we really
really like them! Also, we just updated Kim's Japanese bookbinding workshop to include
a hardbound version, but wanted to let everyone know that they will also be teaching a
letterpress workshop here on May 8th (more details to come shortly)! We are so excited,
now it's just a matter of transporting one of their presses here... Also, if you are ever in
Arlington, you need to check out their amazing studio! 


Second Lunch / First Dinner

Panfried spam, fried egg, toasted seaweed on a fluffy bed of rice. Jully makes the
yummiest gourmet-est gluton-free meals ever!