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Sandro Love

(Image via SandroJuto)

We're totally obsessed with Sandro Juto. We've talked about her inspiring and sooo delightful
blog before, but we couldn't help herself with one of her latest projects. LOVE everything about
these images - the paper cut-out dolls, the illustration, the staging, the photography...

(Image via SandroJuto)

(Image via SandroJuto)

(Image via SandroJuto)

(Image via SandroJuto)

Sashimi Fish Plate

Cute little sushi or sashimi serving dish! Or it could also be a great soap dish!


Heike Weber

(Image via Heike Weber)

These floor and mural installations from German artist, Heike Weber are absolutely breathtaking.
What's even more amazing is he's just using just simple markers, paper and scissor.


(Image via Heike Weber)

(Image via Heike Weber)

(Image via Heike Weber)

(Image via Heike Weber)

(Image via Heike Weber)

(Image via Heike Weber)

Cat Clay Pot

LOVE THIS! Clay cat oot! Perfect for rice, udon, anything!


Wooden Camera Tape Dispenser

Charming vintage style camera tape dispensers from Japan. This will make your desk
look real cool.

Comic-Con Day 2-4

DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba at the Kidrobot booth holding hands and shaking babies

WE ARE 1976 took a little trip so SoCal this year to investigate the ongoings of a little
comic convention in San Diego. From the time we landed in California to the time we
boarded the plane back to Dallas, we experienced an event that can hardly be described
in words. There was buzz. There was excitement. There was waiting. There was a lot of
waiting. The size of the convention has grown to extreme proportions. The waves of nerds
and geeks were endless. Though the body feels a few years older and the mind is fatigued
to the point of exhaustion, we had a blast!!!! With our Con expert, Chis Martin, a ten year
Con veteran, we were able to properly distribute our time to ensure we saw the panels
that drew our interest. We even had time to squeeze in Patton Oswald at the House of
Blues. What a great week of star gazing, costumes, and of course the most important,
being the biggest nerd that you can. See you next year Comic-Con!!!!!

The Walking Dead Panel. This new show slated to premier in October on AMC is based on the Image
comic book series The Walking Dead, created and written by Robert Kirkman

Pulitzer Prize winning Berkeley Breathed shares his stories of how his strip comic career evolved to many of his
animated projects. Social and economic pressures of the current periods that spans his career shaped the creative
genius that inspired us to g
rab a Washington Post to see what the next issue that Bloom County was going to tackle
head on.

One of the funniest panels of the whole weekend involved the creators of three shows - Robot Chicken, Venture
Metalocalypse. They entertained the crowd of 4,000 Adult Swim fans. Between the banter between
the writers to the shameless plugs to their retail products, the energy of the room was spewing with hysteria

Our Shameless attempt to stalk Olivia Munn. As one of the host of the G4 variety show for nerds, Attack of the Show,
her where abouts was definitely a priority.

The panel for the hit show Community was another one worth the wait. The rapport of the cast was one that
portrayed a feeling of family. The panel and the fans laughed our way through one of the quickest hours of
the weekend

What else can you say about San Diego. The weather, the boardwalk, the beach, the people, The Con!!!!

Tea time with Otogicco!

Otogicco is back! This time, she's an adorable all-in-on tea set. Adorable ceramic teapot
that stacks with it's sieve, teacup, lid, and basket for your tea bags.


Rivane Neuenschwander

(Image via FFFFOUND!)

These pieces from Brazilian artists Rivane Neuenschwander are so simple and perfect.
She has a wide range of illustrations and installations and they are all so playful. Would
love to have the above illustration in the shop. The nobody saying anything-thing, says
so much.
(via ElephantsAndJuniper, Frieze, NYTimes)

(Image via ArtNet)

(Image via TAB21)