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reMade USA

(via reMade)

Can totally imagine just zoning out to some good music for this optimal ceiling staring.
Such a beautiful way to repurpose vintage textiles or croctched doilies from Shannon South
of reMade USA.

(via ThatsHappy, OdetteNY, reMadeUSA)

(via reMade)

52 Portraits

(image via KyleSteed)

Got some plans for Saturday night! Crooked Tree Coffeehouse (excited to try it!) is hosting
"52 Profiles : Art Show Extravaganza" for the super nice and talented Kyle Steed. There's
even gonna be live music from Tim Coons. AND, our good friend Sean Springer, who we
had a show for a few months back, made all the custom frames for Kyle's show. It's pretty
neat so see all this collaboration happening.

Circus Museum

(image via CircusMuseumNL) love everything about this one.

Yeah, clowns are pretty freaky, but this massive collection of circus memorabilia from
Netherlands Circus Museum is so amazing. Basically, an image bank of circus posters
from 1880 to now. They have it categorized by clowns, magic... spent quite a bit of time
on this site. And, for current day circus images, check out Brandon Thibodeaux's photos
of traveling with a circus troupe through Mississippi. For some reason, his images still
feel like these vintage ones - like this world is frozen in time.

(via CircusMuseum.NL)

(image via CircusMuseumNL) bear-lion-guy reads Shakespeare!

(image via CircusMuseumNL)

(image via CircusMuseumNL) high-five!

(image via CircusMuseumNL) fancy monkey!

Isaac Salazar

(image via BookOfArtFlickr)

AND, it's in cursive! These beautiful book sculptures are from Isaac Salazar. Can't imagine
how long it must have taken him to design/cut/create each piece. Such an original way to
re-imagine an old book. We're pretty obsessed with books over here (we have a few book
and paper workshops lined up in a few weeks, hang tight, working on the newsletter now!
and pretty much love any project that repurposes it.

(via NotCot, RecycleArt, BookOfArtFlickr)

(image via BookOfArtFlickr)

That's pretty cool

(image via KnifeAndSaw)

Of the three of us, only Jully has a bike. But, pretty sure if I had a bike this would be the
solution for "elegant bike management." From San Francisco (graphic) designer and just
maker of AWESOME things, Chris Brigham of Knife and Saw.
(via SeeSaw and KnifeAndSaw)

(image via KnifeAndSaw)


(image via Edit, photograph by Alan Tanz)

These screenprints from Edit are exactly that - perfectly edited and efficient. The designers
were asked to represent a music genre using only one graphic element and one typeface.
Man, so jealous of how simple and effective these solutions are.
(via DesignIsKinky and Edit)

(image via Edit, photograph by Alan Tanz)

Black And White

(Image via ThereseSennerholt)

The three of us aren't really techies, but for some reason, haven't been able to stop thinking
about Steve Jobs all week.

"I love Apple so much. And, will be back as soon as I can."

That kind of rare candor and true love for what you do feels... special. There's a really
good article on Gizmodo that I keep going back to that waaay better articulates this passion
for what you do and what you create. Anyway, saw this simple black and white print this
morning from Swedish designer, Therese Sennerholt's shop that just felt right.
(via AMadTeaParty and ThereseSennerholt)

Good Morning Monday

(image via DitteIsager)

Not quite ready for Monday... especially, after seeing dreamy photos like this from Danish
photographer Ditte Isager. Looks like she lives a fairy tale life herself traveling the world,
photographing interesting people and lifestyles. One of our goals this year was to learn
to take better pictures (for our blog and for our online store that is so close to be being
finished!) and this is really inspiring. Not sure if we can ever replicate the lighting or
arresting composition she has styled, but definitely gonna try.
(Image via ShowSomeMoxie and Ditte Isager)

(image via DitteIsager)

(image via DitteIsager)