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(image via TreeHotel) The UFO at the Tree Hotel

May have a slight obsession with treehouses (1,2) but am dying to go to the Tree Hotel
in Sweden. This personifies the ultimate getaway - secluded, beautiful design, modern
amenities, and so so original.

(via ThisIsColossal)

(image via TreeHotel) The UFO exterior view 2 and interior.

(image via TreeHotel) The Cabin. Looks like it's floating.

(image via TreeHotel) The Cabin exterior view 2 and interior.

(image via TreeHotel) The Nest.

(image via TreeHotel) The Nest exterior view 2 and interior.

(image via TreeHotel) Mirror Cube. Love the bridge.

(image via TreeHotel) Mirror cube view 2 and interior. 


(image via ASmallSpace) Modern cabin

Dang. A cabin and a treehouse INSIDE a New York loft. Hands down a personal favorite
design idea.
By bringing a little childhood charm and a elegantly designed structure, this
build is both magical and beautiful. With clean lines, beautiful natural woods, and just a
tiny bit of thoughtful quirkiness, architect Terri Chiao makes modern city living feel kinda
sweet and warm.

(via IdeasToSteal + ASmallSpace + ThisColossal )

(image via ASmallSpace) cabin at night.

(image via ASmallSpace) treehouse on the right. Such a genius way to separate and divide the loft space.

(image via ASmallSpace) view of treehouse from the cabin.

The Gently Unfurling Sneak

(image via GentlyUnfurlingSneak) Worm Head

A little traditional and mischievous. Great black and white etching style illustrations from
Melbourne-based Australian illustrator Anika Cook of The Gently Unfurling Sneak.

(via TheFindersKeeper)

(image via GentlyUnfurlingSneak)

(image via GentlyUnfurlingSneak) Rock Head

(image via GentlyUnfurlingSneak)

(image via GentlyUnfurlingSneak) Balloon Head

Screenprinting with Holding Pattern


Another super night and workshop with the boys of Holding Pattern. Like the other two
times they were here (1,2), Mike and Brian broke down the intimidating screenprinting
process into easy logical steps and students left with the tools and know how to start
screenprinting as soon as they got home. Thanks Mike and Brian!

Holding Pattern tabletop press


coating the screen

ready to print first run 

Mike demos printing with his press

tapping up the edges




We're having a huge SIDEWALK SALE all day this coming Saturday, October 22nd!!!
(Unless it rains, then, we'll have a huge sale inside the shop!) We have a tiny store room
and need to make room for all our new goodies that we've been ordering for this holiday
season so we're offering 20-50% off selected merchandise!*   

Just a sample of what's on sale... 20% off selected books/graphic novels, 20% off all
watches and selected electronics, 30% off all designer toys/blind-boxes, 30%-50% off
selected Japanese homewares and handmade ceramics, 30% off selected prints/
screenprints... and much much more!*

Come on out and to say hi and please welcome our new next door neighbors, clothing
boutique - Milk + Honey, as they officially open their doors!  

*all sales are final for sale items and are non-transferrable or refundable.

Brock Davis

(via BrockDavis) gummi bearskin rug!

Too freakin' clever. Love these efficient and super smart images from Minnesota based
artists Brock Davis.

(via EmilyForgot)

(via BrockDavis)

(via BrockDavis)

(via BrockDavis)

Andrew Edmond

(images via AndrewEdmond)

There is something so achingly haunting about abandoned buildings. This series of vacated
industrial facilites, "Objects of Consequence" from Canadian photographer Andrew Edmund,
is a telling time capsule of decay, not just of the industry itself, but of jobs and people muted
by the super speed of technology and companies unable to keep up.

If you like these pics, make sure to check out french photographers Yves Marchland and
Romaine Meffree
dramatic series on the Ruins of Detroit. Heartbreaking.

(via DeJeunesGensModernes + TheHansonFamily)

(images via AndrewEdmond)

(images via AndrewEdmond)

(images via AndrewEdmond)

(images via AndrewEdmond)

(images via AndrewEdmond)

(images via AndrewEdmond)

(images via AndrewEdmond)

(images via AndrewEdmond)

(images via AndrewEdmond)

Paper Lamps

Demo from Tish

In addition to helping out for the Cedar Crest Bridge Better Block Project, we had our
second Paper Lamp Sculpture Workshop with Tish Brewer. Like last time, we had some
great results. Thanks for coming out everyone!



fold some more!

so much folding!