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Jully in Austin!

Jully and Courtney melting metal.

We've always been like this – seems like we really function at our best when we have
a million things on our plate. So, during this crazy holiday season and only a few hours
after our 2nd Anniversary Donation Drive Concert, Jully drove down to Austin for a jewelry
casting workshop...

I was lucky enough to escape for a couple of days to head down to Austin for a weekend
jewelry workshop! Every trip to Austin has its expected routines: kolaches at the Czech
Stop and catching a Counting Crows song while flipping through passing radio stations
(I swear it happens every time). But every trip to Austin always uncovers new surprises
and experiences too.  

Ever since I was little, I've been interested in making jewelry.  From the beaded necklace
I made for mom for her birthday, friendship bracelets for my friends, to baked ceramic
and glass pieces here and there.  Nowadays, I really love picking the special pieces for
the shop, and all of the great designers we work with had inspired me to go check out
firsthand what it's like to make a piece of metal jewelry from scratch. The workshop
I attended at Creative Side Jewelry Academy focused on lost wax carving and casting.
We spent the first day learning about the different waxes, the carving tools, sketching
and transferring our design to the wax, and carving our model. At the end of the day,
the wax pendant designs were placed in plaster and heated in a kiln to make the mold
for casting the next day.  We weighed and melted the metal in a crucible attached to a
centrifugal casting machine, a contraption that slings the molten metal into the plaster
mold to make the cast. After finishing and polishing the piece, the second day ended
and I had a shiny silver eggs in a basket pendant!  Our instructor, Courtney, was super
nice and knowledgable, with skills in metalsmitthing, glass, ceramics, welding, and is
always creating custom jewelry. When the madness of the holidays is over, I can't wait
to take to the wax again.  This visit to Austin is definitely one I could do again..and soon!

Jully's original sketch. Fried Egg and Toast! 

Handiwork station and fresh from the fire.

wax model, wax carving tools, and finished pendant. 

Jully's cozy home away from home in Austin. 

Verde Camp is an atypical bunch of eco-friendly 1930's guesthouses tucked behind the
South Congress boutiques and eateries.  It was a real treat to stay at such a convenient,
cozy, and unique place that was perfectly condusive to learning a new skill and resting
after a long day's creativity.  The cottages are clustered together, like a Smurf village,
along a quiet neighborhood street. Small handmade gardens sit next to patio furniture
made from recycled metal signs. And the 
Public bikes are available to ride down the
hill to grab some Amy's ice cream or Jo's coffee!  Next time, the stay will be longer,
and I'll be sure to bring some buddies to enjoy the time together

Public Bikes at Verde.



Fur Face Boy To The Max!

Fur Face Boy is Dallas.

Cannot think of a better way to close out 2011. Thank you everyone that came out this
past Saturday night for the Fur Face Boy Series 6 Release Party. Such an amazing
show of support for one of Dallas's nicest and most talented dudes. Also, huge huge
thanks to the BADASS DJ Love for seriously rockin' it! And, the Nammi Truck gang
for their DELICIOUS BAHN MI!!!

Fur Face Boy has a great recap, make sure to check it out! And, we have the rest of
our pics up on our Facebook album.

Vy and Angel helping out FFB!

FFB lovers filling up the shop

Sorry, Brent. You know we got to. Version 4. (See Version 3, 2, 1)

Hi Ha!

Cool jacket.

Bahn Mi Paradise!

Nammi Truck does Japanese School Gurl!



Can't think of a better way to close out 2011. Hope you can all join us this Saturday night

Join us this Saturday Night, December 17th starting round 7ish as Ha releases his new
line. He just unveiled his new collection (preview it here)! As usual, intelligent graphics
and a great sense of humor. And, as we mentioned, there's gonna be one extra shirt
in the mix - the FFB X WE ARE 1976 Collab Tee. We're super excited about Saturday
night, hope y'all can make it!

DATE: Sat, 12/17 starting round 7ish, check out the Facebook invite
MUSIC: DJ Love will be spinning!
FOOD: Snacks and dranky dranks as usual, but Nammi Truck will also be parked out
front so you can get your Bahn Mi on!


Fur Face Boy Collab time!

How cute is this!?

Fur Face Boy Series 6 Release!

(image designed by FurFaceBoy!!!)

I think it was almost two years ago that we met The Fur Face Boy (when Johnny Cupcakes
came through our shop and Dallas for his Suitcase Tour). Since then, Ha (aka The Fur Face
Boy) has taught a workshop, contributed artwork to our First Anniversary Opening, helped
us put together our bus stop for the Better Block Project on Ross Avenue, and most
importantly, become our friend.

So, we're really mega excited to be hosting his latest release. Please join us next Saturday,
December 17th, from 7-10pm for his Sixth Series T-shirt Release! Its gonna be super fun,
there's gonna be some adult beverages, munchies, Nammi Truck will be out front with their
delicious Bánh Mì and DJ Love will be spinning.

AND, in addition to his new releases, there will also be a brand new  FFB X 1976 Collab
Shirt (check out the sold out first one!)!!!  Looks like he's working really hard, click here to
check out his work in progress. It's gonna be a fun night, so come out and take a break
from all the holiday craziness and come hang with one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet!


Waaay Better Pictures...

WE ARE 1976

... then the ones we took from our 2nd Donation Drive Concert. Last year, Roger made
the most amazing video for our 1st Anniversary event. This year, he was kind enough
to donate his time and skills for our makeshift photo booth. Have a look and make sure
to check out our facebook album to see the rest of the pictures!!  


Their son is gonna have giant feet.

Eric Neil and Camille Cortinas. Best smile of the night.

We're obsessed with Alan (1,2)

Joey (from VSpot, go eat there, it's awesome!) and his boy band!

Hair Club for Yeti.

Two Hot Potatoes.

Girl Weber and Boy Weber. Which one is which??

Our photographer and the casting couch..

DJ Trademarx looks like he wants to kill himself.

Perhaps the coolest people alive. Kristian and Esther.

Nice one, Tremaine.

Thanks So Much For A Great Night!

Camillle Cortinas and her awesome husband

Much much better pictures coming in just a bit.. In the meantime, THANK YOU SO SO
MUCH to everyone that came out this Friday night to celebrate our second anniversary
and for all the awesome donation to The Network. Not only did we get a ton of donations,
but we raised almost $400
for this awesome organization! SO COOL. Such a great night.

Also big ups to all the generous and amazingly creative people that helped make this night
happen. Friday was a huge success thanks to Camille Cortinas and The Motel Pines.
We're putting together a video of their performance right now. Make sure to check 'em
out, these guys are awesome. Also, thank you Sean Colon for setting all music up and
for always being so supportive of us. It's such an unbelievable feeling to have the shop
filled by such great music. And, we'll be uploading a huge batch of super fun pics in a bit
from our photo booth, thanks to our friend Roger Peters.

It feels like we just celebrated our first year. The three of us still can't believe how lucky
we are to have this shop, be a part of Dallas's creative scene, and still be here!
Thank you so much everyone. 

The Motel Pines

Thanks everyone that came out to celebrate with us!

Two Drink Dylan!

One of our Asians, Brent! (See him here and here...)

Cool hat Kyle!

Cute Couple #1. Our very inspiring good buddies Christian and Jonathan.

Cute Couple #2 Jamie and Christine!

Cute Couple #3 Colin and Andee from Switching Gears!

Cute Couple #4. Jess and Rog, the team behind the photobooth / pictures that are actually good...

Winner of The 2011 Facial Hair Challenge. Our winners from last year...

2nd Anniversary + Holiday Donation Drive Concert

(2nd Anniversary + Holiday Donation Drive Concert)

Really hope that y'all can join us this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9th, 2011 for our
2nd Anniversary + Holiday Donation Drive Concert Event!

We're trying something new this time. After two lucky years we wanted to organize a
holiday concert to benefit The Network. The Network is a nonprofit charitable organization
that provides health and emergency services to children, low-income families, and senior
citizens. With your help, we'd love to help them collect as many donations (canned goods
and personal items) as possible for this holiday season. And, to make the event even
more festive, we are beyond grateful to have the amazingly talented and generous
Camille Cortinas (fb) and The Motel Pine (fb) to play for us on Friday night to help put
us in the holiday spirit!*

Here's a list of suggested donations from The Network - canned meats, vegetables, fruit,
hearty soups, peanut butter, cereal, sugar, baby food, powdered milk and baby formula.
There is a also a strong need for personal items such as soap, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet
tissue, disposable razors, diapers...

So come on out on Friday for the usual fun, munchies (ShopDad is cooking!), drinkies,
awesome music.. all for a good cause! Also, thanks to the  talented Roger Peters
(remember his photos from the Fallout Show) will be on hand to help for some holiday
portraits (think Sears...) And, HUGE thanks to Camille for donating her time and talent
to the event and Shaun Colon of Dang! Records (fb) for organzing The Motel Pines.

It's gonna be a fun night, hope to see y'all here!
To RSVP via FB, click here.

(*Camille, The Motel PInes, and our bartertnders will be donating all their tips to The Network, too.)


(image via Dallas Cycle Chic)

ALSO... if you want more fun, the awesome Amanda Popkens of Dallas Cycle Chic has
organized a very casual and fun bike ride this SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11th, at 1PM from
the West Village to Henderson. We'll be joining the bikers to visit some of our neighbors
- Transit, Gypsy Wagon, Another Time and Place, Pandemonium, and Demerara...
There will be discounts and drinks along the way! More info from Bike Friendly Oak Cliff.