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Pictures from Paper Lamp Sculpture Workshop

Tish (at the head of the table)

Thanks everyone that came out for the Paper Lamp Sculpture Workshop. Such a relaxing
evening and all the results were so beautiful. For those of you that were on the waiting
list and asked, we''re talking to Tish to teach another one soon!

we're ready.

hurry! speed folding!

paper clip time!


different variations

Taaaaaa Daaaaaaaa!

Sara Fanelli

(image via Sara Fanelli) "Cat & Fox" Pinocchio. HAVE TO HAVE THIS PRINT.

May have a new illustrator crush on Sara Fanelli. Just came across her book illustration
and am now totally obsessed with her work. Originally from Florence, now based in London,
she does a ton of work for the gallery, editorial, and publishing world. Her collage style
is a perfect mix of sweet, playful, and a little dark. Feels like she got in our brain.

(via StickersAndStuff)

(image via Telegraph) editorial illustration

(image via RileyIllustration) Feel like this illustration is what our brain looks like from the inside

(image via Sara Fanelli) book designs

(image via Sara Fanelli) this is on Sara's splash page. Love everything about this.

33 Paper Houses Light

(image via HutchStudio)

We have a full house for our paper lamp sculpture workshop tonight. And, just came
across this stunning handmade light fixture made from vintage 1950's cook book pages
from Hutch Studio. Maybe we can convince Tish to teach this next time...

(via KickCanAndConkers + HutchStudio)

F. is for Frank's Studio Tour

hot metal tool thingy.

Think we met Shannah and Casey of f. is for frank about a year and a half ago, right
before we opened and we've been carrying their really beautiful and popular jewelry
since then. So, we're super excited to be hosting a trunk show for them on Thursday,
March 10th

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to go down to their studio to check out their brand new
collections (plural!). Like everything else they do, it's beautiful, thoughtfully designed, and
carefully crafted. Here's a tiny sneak peak of what's in store for their trunk show and of
their amazing studio in the Design District. The thing that struck me the most about their
space is the all the life and energy. Yet, it was so amazingly calm. They both bring their
dogs to work (three charming boxers), Casey even brings her 7-month old to work everyday,
it's a really open industrial warehouse space, there's a huge garage door that lets in fresh
air and opens into a pretty big yard for their dogs. Just feels like a nice place to be and I
didn't want to leave.

shannah and casey. love the high ceilings in their warehouse space

pewter soup. actually only took seconds to melt!

the molds for their new collection!

work in progress of their first collection

second collection. LOVE these textures!

dogs everywhere and super cool chair

they have some fun new things for this collection. Bunnies!

glove time

more charms

yard for the dogs

Baby Walker

f. is for frank trunk show on March 10th!

part of f is for frank's new collection - handcast pewter with a basket weave texture

Save the date, friends! Please join us on Thursday, March 10th for our first trunk show of
2011 for jewelry makers and metal workers f. is for frank as they launch a couple of new
collections! We just got a sneak peak of their work in progress and it's really exciting to
see how their line has evolved, yet stay true to the beautiful quality and... (for more info...)

Fortune Cookie

(Image via DianaEng)

Yes, we're Asian. And, yes, we love anything that has anything to do with pandas, karaoke
and fortune cookies. Kinda jealous we didn't think of of making these fortune cookie
coin purses from designer Diana Eng. Really simple and cute, each coin bag cleverly
comes with a fortune.

(via SeeSaw + TheDieLine)

(Image via DianaEng)

No Clue What They're Saying...

... but CUTE! Just thought it was a smooth light way to transition into the week.
(via HappyMundane)

House of McGregor

Kinda love the purple cocktail hat.

First met Cassie McGregor, of House of McGregor, at a wonderful Cocktail Hat Workshop
at our lovely friends Shannon and Kayli's shop, Oil & Cotton a few months ago. Using
traditional millinery techniques, Cassie creates GORGEOUS hats for men and women.
If you like custom vintage styling and craft, this is it. Amazing that Dallas has such a talent.

Over Christmas, Jully and I got Derek a gift certificate for one of Cassie's hats. Derek
finally made it down to Cassie's studio yesterday and was able to snap a few picks and
pick his Christmas hat. He said Cassie is expected to get a delivery of straw supplies soon.
Can't wait til summer and a new hat!

Cassie, so cute, wearing her Mardi Gras Mask

Her shop is right above one of the best restaurants, Bolsa.

Love all the colours she uses.

Cassie repurposes coffee bags to make these newsboy caps!

Derek's Christmas present from us!