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Mathilde Nivet

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More super inspiring fancy pants stuffs. Elaborate and detailed design work from French
paper illustrator and designer Mathilde Nivet. Not only does she build and design these
beautiful structural pieces, make sure to check out her site where you can see her combine
this skill with her amazing illustrations and art direction.

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(via MathildeNivet)

(via MathildeNivet)

Lee Mawdsley

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Lovely images from UK photographer Lee Mawdsley of fancy pants old school French
textile manufacturer (or as they say "la manufacture") Tapis de Cogolin.

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(via LeeMadsley)

(via LeeMadsley)

Public School Crush

Our chalkboard hand lettered by super nice Will which perfectly complements Cody's awesome papercut collection!

Thank you everyone that came out this Saturday for the VARSITY by Public School!
These great group of guys travelled up from Austin for their first ever Dallas show.
So talented, warm, and gracious we're so honoured to get to showcase their work, get
to know them better, and take them to some of our favourite Dallas spots (Lee Harveys,
Lakewood Landing...)

JayB, Justin, Matt, Cody, Casey, Will, and Shaun, thanks so much for everything and
see y'all in Austin soon! Excited about working together some more!

(Beginning from Left) Jay B's photographs, Justin's screenprints, Matt's photographs, and Cody's papercuts)

Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet Shaun but luckily, his work made it to Dallas.

Casey's Photos and Will's original paintings.

Winners! Press zine time tailgating!

Spensor arting up Paul's drawings.

VARSITY! Yeah, man, love a full house!

Justin, JayB, and Cody chatting with Jon Contino who was in town for the DSVC Professional Show judging.

Our boy Cliff (in his ffb x 1976 shirt) hanging with Casey and Matt

Thank you David for Djing all night. You were awesome!

Yea, we have the prettiest friends.

Public School's "Draft Picks" / Fav Things from our shop which includes Tony Bone's print from his art opening here!

Marry Me, San Francisco!

Beautifully decayed marquee right next to the Foreign Cinema in the Mission

Besides finding some great products from San Francisco (Anzfer Farms, Petit Collage, Little Otsu,
Yellow Owl Workshop, Hero and Sound, and Harbinger)
, think the three of us can agree that our favourite
city (besides Dallas and Hong Kong, of course) has got to be San Francisco; we were out
there last fall click for Renegade and for ramen!

This past week, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a week-long intensive letterpress
workshop from the INCREDIBLE San Francisco Center For The Book. The goal is to have
our own letterpress workshop studio
soon! Beyond just setting type and printing, the brilliant
faculty taught us the printing mechanics of their beautiful Vandercook cylinder presses.
There's still a lot more to learn and a lot of pieces to find (mainly the press!), but left feeling
so inspired about printing and so much more confident with the operation and upkeep of
these great old presses.

Can't wait til the next trip back...

AMAZING dinner at the Foreign Cinema. Fresh beautiful seafood and cooking, great drinks, outdoor seating under
a tent, and an old movie screening on the white wall in the back sets the perfect ambiance. Unforgettable evening

San Francisco Center For the Book - letterpress drawers and drawers full of complete sets of type.

San Francisco Center For the Book - Vandercook - we're on the hunt!

Happy hour at Hogs and Rocks. Oysters two days in a row!


Classin' up letterpress. Stationary and envelope printing.


Yeah man! Amoeba.

So grateful to Giant Robot. One of the first to highlight Asian-American pop culture.

Ran into this farmers market outside of Kezar Stadium while walking home

Lubing up

print time!

Diner near Sunset

Recap of Suite Art Fair at the Belmont Hotel

Our suite gallery. STUNNING paintings from the amazing Dan Colcer and William Binnie.

What an amazing experience, last weekend we joined an amazing roster of galleries to
exhibit at The Suite Art Fair at The Belmont Hotel. We were asked to join one week before
the event because another exhibitor was unable to make it - ok, we'll take it! So, it was a lot
of last minute organizing, getting readyness, and overall craziness.

We were given a room with a small patio to set up our temporary gallery at the Belmont's
courtyard with 500X Gallery, Centraltrak, Chambers Gallery, Charles Hartman Fine Art,
David Shelton Gallery, Decorazon Gallery, Flatbed Press, From Here to Maturity, Kirk Hopper
Fine Art, Mighty Fine Arts, Plush Gallery, Sala Diaz, and Brian Gibb's The Public Trust.

Not only did we want to bring our fav shop prints, we wanted to bring in new prints and
some fine art piece, too. So a huge THANK YOU to all the designers and artists  that either
sent or dropped off their new work so quickly and with such positivity! It was a great weekend
and we were so honoured to be a part of such a creative event.

Outside our suite at the Belmont

Our travelling shop!

Thank you Flatstock! Genius screenprinting from Methane Studios

Another Flatstock score, new screenprints in from the mega talented and nice John Vogl of The Bungaloo

another new screenprint poster awesomeness in our shop from Tacoma Washington

Gorgeous new work on vintage cameras from one of our shop favs Jeremy Sharp

Public School is coming! Public School is coming!

(design by Justin Cox / Public School)

As far as design crushes go, Public School from Austin is kinda on the very top of our list.
Please join us on Saturday, April 16th, from 6-10pm for our opening gallery reception
with Public School!!! This amazingly talented group of graphic designers, illustrators, and
photographers will be traveling up I35 with their new "Varsity" collection.

If you're unfamiliar with Public School, they're a creative studio in the East side of Austin
that "share studio space and ideas..." Make sure to check out their excellent design blog
(that's also showcases their collaborative work). Individually, they all have a really strong
collection of work for some of the coolest clients ever (Chronicle Books, Conde Naste,..).
AND, we can totally vouch for what a cool and super nice group of guys they are.
The three of us are beyond excited to be hosting their first ever Dallas Show.

Public School:
Casey Dunn
Cody Haltom
Jay B Sauceda
Justin Cox
Matthew Genitempo
Shaun Lind
Will Bryant

As usual, we'll have plenty to drink and eat. ShopDad is gonna be bringing the grill
back to the shop. So get down here! After the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market, get down
here early because from 4:30-6pm, Paul Windle from Winners! Press will be bringing
his zinery= magic back. You'll get a chance to have a look at some fun creative zines
from his collection and we'll have tables set up so you'll be able to make your own zine.
So come out, and get creative, support some of Texas's best designers, and check out
their amazing new design work!

(small collection of work from Public School)

(and thank you Shannon from Oil and Cotton for introducing us to these guys!)

Suite Art Fair

Suite Art Fair at the Belmont Hotel this weekend

Come visit us and check out some amazing art this weekend at the Belmont Hotel!
It was very last minute, but we were super honoured when mega Dallas art organizer
and cool dude Brian Gibb, asked us to participate in the Suite Art Fair with some of the
most amazing galleries from Dallas and around the country during Dallas's super art-
filled Dallas Art Fair weekend. We've never done anything like this, but we're excited to
be taking our shop and gallery to a satellite site at one of the most interesting hotels
in Dallas. All the galleries will have their own suite/hotel room to showcase the work
of a variety of different artists from all over the country.

The Suite Art Fair begins tomorrow night, Thursday, April 7th for the Preview Party.
Our buddy DJ Sober will spinning, there'll be live t-shirt screenprinting from Fuzzy
Logic, and tons of catered food and drinks. AND, a portion of the proceeds will benefit
CADD (Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas).

If you can't make it for the preview night, the Suite Art Fair will continue Friday, April 8th
to Sunday, April 10th from 11am to 7pm
. It's gonna be an amazing weekend and we
can't wait!