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Our Bus Stop for The Ross Avenue Complete Street Project


The three of us have been very lucky. And, this past weekend, was definitely one of the
reasons why. We had the amazing opportunity to participate with an amazing group of
very enthusiastic civic minded lovers of Dallas for the Better Block 72 Hour Challenge on
Ross Avenue
. For our part, we were tasked to build a bus stop at one end of Ross; we
needed to design a solid structure with shade, seating, and information that would
encourage public transit and create a connection between Dallasites and our city.

Beyond building a basic bus stop, we wanted to add a little twist. Inspired by the book
in Berlin and in the tradition of guerrilla art, we wanted our bus stop to encourage
a share culture of free art exchange. Simple concept - one in, one out. All the artwork
and books are free, as long as you put something back. So, we are mega mega grateful
for contributions of artwork and time from our crazy generous and talented friends...

The gorgeous rooftop mural was painted by Denton artist Catherine Schaefer in 17 hrs!
The badass hamburger screenprint is from Brent Ozaeta of Lunch Buddies. Super cool
screenprinted zine is from Paul Windle of Winners! Press. And, we had some fun contributions
from Ha Mai of Fur Face Boy, Sam Smith of Nora Sound, and Kyle Steed of the 52 Profiles.

And, also a big thank you to Mike Arreaga of Holding Pattern Studio, Ha Mai of Fur Face
, and Sean Springer of Springer Design Studio for meeting us at 7:45 on Sunday
morning to help us put the pre-fabed puzzle pieces that Derek thoughtfully built together.

It was such a fun and rewarding day and event. And, we we're so grateful to have been
a part of it and to have such great friends that went along with our crazy bus stop.

To check out the process and event, we have a ton more pictures on our facebook album.

Prefabbing the structure at ShopDad's garage. Reclaimed tree trunks for seating.

Sunday morning build out. Took two hours to put the puzzle together. Took two hours to assemble.

Free art and books to promote a share culture. Thank you everyone that contributed!


Mortar & Pestle

(image via Mortar&Pestle)

Cleverest type, design, identity, photography, concept, EVERYTHING seen in a long time.
This is from London based design studio Mortar & Pestle who was tasked to convey their
philosophy of "renovate and transform" for the educational arts charity Bow Arts. Such a
beautifully executed concept.

(via Lucie + Mortar&Pestle)

(image via Mortar&Pestle)

(image via Mortar&Pestle)

(image via Mortar&Pestle)

(image via Mortar&Pestle)

(image via Mortar&Pestle)

72 Hour Challenge

(image via BetterBlock)

Hey guys, make sure to come out to Ross Avenue, next Sunday June 26th for the unveiling
of the 72 Hour Challenge for the Better Block Project on Ross Avenue! We couldn't be more
honored and excited to volunteer and participate.

The gist of the project is "Building complete streets... Agreeing that things need to change
a Texas-based group called Better Block has been busy in the last two years transforming
ordinary, car-dominated streets into what they call "complete streets" : spaces shared by
pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, where people gather and a sense of community is fostered."

Think bike lanes, food trucks, urban street market like La Rambla, slower car traffic, public
work out spaces, public transportation, pedestrians and just feeling connected to your city
and your neighbors. Its an amazing opportunity for residents and business owners to help
transform a part of the city like they did in Oak Cliff last year.

For our part, we'll be helping to build a bus stop at one end of the street; dedicated Dart
buses will be running throughout the event. We're in the process of designing and coming
up with some cool wacky ideas. Come and help us if you feel inspired to or get in touch
with the super nice volunteer organizer, Andrew.

(via BetterBlock + TreeHugger)

(image via BetterBlock)

Ross Avenue

Meeting last Thursday

Can't wait to see this transformed next weekend!


Victory Park

Thursday's Dallas Maverick's NBA Championship Parade was one of the most fun, exciting,
and scary days to be a part of the city. Unbelievably exhilarating to feel so connected to so
many people all celebrating the same thing. The only hiccup was a pretty dramatic bike
crash we had will riding through the insane roads downtown (to avoid traffic and parking
issues.) But other than that and scaring the crap out of the man waiting at the bus stop
and the guys at Jimmy John's (thanks for running out to help!) - really memorable day to
be from Dallas.

They predicted 250,000 people!

Ice cream breaktime!

Jully Macgyvering her broken bike chain. So impressed!

Jully can fix anything!

Getting ready to get back to the shop

Bap Story

(image via BapStory) kimchi bokkumbap (Korean fried rice)

KOREAN FOOD BLOG! Bap Story looks kinda newish, so there isn't a ton of recipes, yet,
but this is a great blog with beautiful step-by-step photography on how to make some
traditional Korean dishes. Already asked Jully to make the kimchi bokkumbap for lunch!

(via SimpleLovely + ErmieBlog)

(image via BapStory) ingredients for Korean Miso soup with Manilla clams

(image via BapStory) Korean Miso soup with Manilla clams

(image via BapStory) pa-jeon (green onion pancake.)

(image via BapStory) sauce for pa-jeon 

(image via BapStory) ingredients for doobu jorim (soy seasoned tofu)


they have wakame seaweed salad!

Cannot believe that this was our first time here! Deceptively sandwiched between
two bars on Lower Greenville, we finally made it down to Teppo Yakitori & Sushi Bar.
Simple and minimal atmosphere, this quaint little restaurant was an unexpected surprise.
The sushi was soooo fresh and the yakitori was awesome. Great food, super fun company,
and three sakes ("Sake drunks = Happy Drunks Long Time!" - Jully) just means we will
be back.

Smooshed between two bars. No sign. Easy to miss. Automatic sliding door!

Unfiltered cold sake. Our fav. This one is "silky mild"!

Free stuff! Southern influenced bacon mash potato amuse-bouche. Little odd. But delicious.

First course - snapper, tuna, and hamachi 

Sushi bar / yakitori grill chefs.

Second course - quail eggs, bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms, bacon wrapped asparagus, veggie yakitori

Golden chicken skin yakitori - we got two orders.

History of the World in 100 Objects

(image via BritishMuseum) "The Great Wavei" by Hokusai. Mass produced wood block print that influenced many
American and European artists.

Hey history nerds (Derek) and people that love lists, you need to check out this amazing
time capsule retrospective - History of the World in 100 Objects. Basically, 2 million years
wrapped up and defined by 100 objects. Can't imagine curating such a complex collection.
Not only are the objects beautiful, but their impact is really thought-provoking.

On a side note, was lead to this series after reading a really interesting article on Japan
and it's relationship with the sea.
(via TheEconomist + BritishMusum + BBC)

(image via BritishMuseum) Albrecht Durer's "Rhinoceros." Wood cut print - made his work available to the masses.

(image via BritishMuseum) Inca Gold Llama. 

(image via BritishMuseum) Solar powered lamp and charger. Using really modern technology in parts of the world
that have no access to the electrical grid.

(image via BritishMuseum) Double Headed Serpent. Possibly and Actec gift to Cortez.

(image via BritishMuseum) credit card. kinda speaks for itself...

Lyrical Ghosts

(Image via Robert Montgomery) this sculpture recycles sunlight to illuminate itself.

Breathtaking poetry. This sullen image and the rhythm of the words actually stopped me
in my tracks. Makes you feel quiet inside. And keeps you thinking about what it all means...

Words in The City at Night is from British artist/poet/hijacker-of-urban-advertisting-space
Robert Montgomery billboards. It's in your face, but also gentle and soulful. If you get
a chance, check out his interview, it makes you really think about his message and his
use of public space as his medium.

(via Some/ThingMagazine + ItsNiceThat + DazedDigital)

(Image via Robert Montgomery)

(Image via Robert Montgomery)

(Image via Robert Montgomery)