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(image via DrewCapener)

Surprised nobody hasn't thought of this already. This gorgeous Scrabble set is designed
by Drew Capener. The square wood cube packaging pairs so beautifully with tiles.

(via LoveYouBig + SydneyConcretePlayground + FlavorWire)

(image via DrewCapener)

(image via DrewCapener)

(image via DrewCapener)

(image via DrewCapener)

Tommy Penton

(image via TommyPenton)

Funny, irreverent, immensely talented work from Tommy Penton. If you have a chance,
check out his work, especially his book art.

(image via TommyPenton)

(image via TommyPenton)

(image via TommyPenton)

(image via TommyPenton)

Anders Soderberg

(image via Lula) This stunning color and image just wakes you up. 

Not sure if you'd call him a painter, illustrator, or graphic designer but the work from
Anders Soderberg of the Swedish design collective Lula (another super talented and
diverse group of individual creatives working together, like Big Active or Public School)
blends all three disciplines effortlessly. Cannot get enough of his illustration style or his
punch-you-in-the-face-use of-color.

(image via Lula)

(image via Lula)

(image via Lula)

(image via Lula)

(image via Lula)


(image via BigActive)

Represented by Big Active (THE coolest and most original collective of creatives anywhere;
who incidentally also represents a personal favorite illustrtor - David Foldvari
- go check out his
work immediately!
) Letman's (aka Job Wouters) posters/work/type just won the fancy
Dutch Design Award. Man, his handmade style oozes personality, attitude and confidence.

(via BigActive)

(image via BigActive)

(image via BigActive) awesome colors and contrast with the layering

(image via BigActive) these couldn't be more different, but love everything about both this designs.

(image via BigActive) seen this ribbon type treatment a million times, but this version feels so tough.

(image via BigActive) from his sketchbook

(image via BigActive) from his sketchbook


(image via Blanka) Prob one of my fav posters from Build.

Do you ever love something so much you kinda don't want to share it? This is how I feel
about U.K. based Blanka, an all time favorite design websites (I'd put it in my top five).
If you love smart minimalistic posters - old and new - or just clever graphic design this is
the site for you. Part online archive, gallery, and print shop, Blanka is a creative community
that supports and promotes independent art and design. Haven't been on their site for a
while and it looks like they've added more quirky illustrations. Speaking from experience,
if there's something you like, get it quick because they only have limited runs of each print.
Have my eye on this one...

(image via Blanka) Cattoo from Mr. Bingo

(image via Blanka) from Kiosk

(image via Blanka) Chicks with Dicks from Mr. Bingo

(via Blanka) by Luca Ionescu

(image via Blanka) from Emmi

(via Blanka)

(via Blanka) LOVE THIS. From De-Construct.

Brackets Dallas

Team Panda

Not sure how we just found out about this place, but last week we checked out Brackets
on Mockingbird for some hardcore ping pong. Neat little sports bar with good pizza, friendly
bartender, and two ping pong tables SUNKEN IN THE GROUND!
We'll definitely be going back.


Jully vanna whiting the whiteboard

Derek getting his butts kicked

Intense ping pong stare down


Taipei Toy Festival

Taipei Toy Fair! Banner is of our fav childhood comic "Low Foo Tze" (Little Tiger)

Taipei Toy Festival pics! Here are some of the goodies that Derek and Jully ordered from
their daytrip in Taipai. Candyland.

Sonny Angel by Dreams of Japan

Burglar Mouse & Fried Chicken Mouse by STAY REAL

Alien dookying.

Original Pieces -TV  Asian variety show

Heaven on Earth

Original Piece Family Series

Original Pieces Garden

United Planet designed by Kinoss International


Sad Clown

Dnax Catx

Taipei in a day

BEST FOOD TRUCK and re-purposing EVER!!!

While Derek and Jully were in Tokyo, they took a whirlwind day side trip to Taipei. Here's
Derek's summary :

The end leg of our little trip across the Atlantic took us to the hustle and bustle of Taipei.
Our first foray into Taiwan left us impressed with the mixture of traditional culture and the
optimism of a more progressive future for this continually evolving city. Our day in this city
at the northern tip of the island was short in time but rich in experience. Our main agenda
was the 2011 Taipei Toy Festival being held at Huashan Creative Park.  The night brought
us to the Shilin Night Market.  The largest of the infamous night markets known to this
region is the focal point of Taipei nightlife.  Stall after stall of street food vendors line the
market. There are shops, arcades, bars, and a temple. If you’re looking for something,
you can probably find it at the market. The sensory overload of people and things carry
on from one end to the other in this sea of Taipei life. Our day in Taipei showed us another
side of what Asia has to offer.  There is definitely a yearning for western comforts.
The branding of the city is on every building, train, or in every mall. Taipei is showing the
ability to hold on to their culture within the confines of advancement.

Hug me!

Shilin Night Market

chicken and duck feet

shopping craziness

snail time!

strawberries on a stick!

more weiners!