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Bottle Shop on Greenville Ave

Post Vodker Time with Derek

Opened since May, we finally went to check out The Bottle Shop on Greenville Avenue.
Such a great little shop with an amazing selection of beers, spacious community table,
comfy sofas, and wonderfully friendly owners, Clay and Amber, who greeted us very
warmly. Always exciting for us when something new opens up in this area especially
with  everything happening on Lower Greenville. Can't wait to go back.

Love their sign.

Gorgeous original tile work on the building.

Oh Greenville...

Beautiful window.

Humongous shared community table in the middle of the bar.

Beer me!

Like their chalk board.

Bad Bambi

(image via Jasper Goodall) Bad Bambi

This is from a few years back, but I cannot remember wanting a print more and the pink
SOLD OUT banner is such a tease. From prolific British graphic designer Jasper Goodall's
Poster Girl series for the Electric Blue Gallery, this series is is available from the highly
selective online gallery site Product Of God that also carries beautiful limited edition
screenprints from some of our other favorites, like David Foldvari and Sanna Annukka.

(via ProductOfGod)

(image via Jasper Goodall)

(image via Jasper Goodall)

Graphics / Textiles

(image via TextileMono)

So cool to see graphics so modern transformed so completely with textiles. From textile
artist Gabrielius of Textile Mono. The clean severe illustrations instantly feel much warmer,
almost friendly, with a different medium.

(via DesignForMankind)

(image via TextileMono)

(image via TextileMono)

(image via TextileMono)

(image via TextileMono)

(image via TextileMono)

Dowdy Studio

New Clocks in from Dowdy Studios!

Our friends Dylan and Pamela Michelle from Dowdy Studio just dropped off some
awesome new wall clocks. We've known them ever since we opened (they even
contributed a really popular print for our Anniversary Gallery Show and a shirt for our
T-shirt Release Party in February) and we finally got a chance to see their home studio
where they design, screen, and make all of their shirts and home good products.
Really fun and creative couple and we're so glad to be working with them. They totally
represent the best of handmade and supporting Dallas's local talent.

They'll be up at Bumbershoot in Seattle this weekend and they'll be taking a ton of
pictures for a nice recap of the event for our blog when they get back. Can't wait to see
what they find!

Dylan working hard!

Screenprinting shirts



Dylan and Pamela Michelle!

Your House by Olafur Eliasson

(image via OlafurEliasson)

Deceptively simple and uncomplicated, totally in awe of this book from Berlin based
artists Olarfur Eliasson. "A commission by the Library Council of The Museum of
Modern Art in New York, NY, USA, Your House is a limited-edition artist's book by
Eliasson with a laser-cut negative impression of his house in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Each of the 454 pages is individually cut and corresponds to 2.2 cm of the actual house.
As readers leaf through the pages, they slowly make their way through the rooms of the
house from front to back, thus constructing a mental and physical narrative.

(via OfPaperAndThings)

(image via OlafurEliasson)

Ryan Todd

(image via RyanTodd) "No Hope"

Think simple is theme for the week. Really appreciate these illustrations from London
based designer Ryan Todd. Confident and clean use of of bold shapes and bright colors.

(via BeastPieces)

(image via RyanTodd) "Separation"

(image via RyanTodd) "Mix it up"

(image via RyanTodd) "Glasses"

(image via RyanTodd) "Fallen Stag"

Eloise Renouf

(Image via EloiseRenouf)

These lovely illustrations from UK Etsy artist Eloise Renouf totally remind me of fall
and sweater weather (where are you!?!). Love how the clean lines, easy shapes,
and great color create such a rich pattern. Nice reminder to keep it simple.

(via HappyMundane)

(Image via EloiseRenouf)

(Image via EloiseRenouf)

(Image via EloiseRenouf)

(Image via EloiseRenouf)

Joao Lauro Fonte

(via JoaoLauroFonte) The Misstep

Great humorous illustrations from London based Brazilian artists Joao Laura Fonte.
Probably seen of us stuff in Threadless.

(via DesignBento)

(via JoaoLauroFonte) VIncent and Jules

(via JoaoLauroFonte)

(via JoaoLauroFonte) The Lord of Travelling + Imaginary Friend (love this one!)