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SXSW, Y'all.

Recognize these guys?

We really really really look forward to this. This year Derek made his second trip down to
Austin (check out our first) for some major SXSW Flatstock Poster Lovin'. If you're a fan
of clever poster design, beautiful screenprinting, music, and indie thinking, this is mecca.
It was a great day of seeing the printmakers that we've been carrying (Methane, Burlesque,
DKNG, Land Land, Hero and Sound, and so many more...), putting faces to names, and
finding a ton of new prints for our shop. Cannot think of a better way to spend the afternoon.

We have more pictures on your FB album. Click here if you want to check them out!

Monster attack.

Even the business card is awesome.

Love that they printed on pink paper.

Might have to get these for the shop.


Such a wide range of styles.


Simple and perfect.



Over here!

Last week, during spring break, Derek, ShopDad, and ShopKid got a chance to head out
to Arizona for the Ranger's Training Camp. Cannot think anything that feels more like
summer, hope and America than baseball.  

Three Generations.

Vinyl Thoughts Art Show 2012

Forty minute wait outside made very easy by food truck tacos!

Last night we headed down to Quixotic World in Deep Ellum for the second and completely
packed Vinyl Thoughts Art Show. Great to see a lot of familiar faces and we were really
proud to participate again this year. But mainly, we were happy to see the Dallas art
community hold such a successful and inspiring art event.    

Atama in the house!

Great custom artwork everywhere.

Just awesome.

Cute and creepy.

Love this one!

Upside down time! Winner of the raffle!

Derek for Vinyl Thoughts

Real life Tetris.

Pretty proud of my brother. Check out Derek's process for our shop's contribution for the
raffle give-aways for the Vinyl Thoughts Art Show, which is dedicated to the custom vinyl
toy scene in Dallas's and Texas's art community. We had so much fun last year, that we
were super excited to get involved again. This year's theme played with the idea of video
games and being waaay-back old-school nerds, we couldn't think of a better game to work
with then Tetris.  


At the workshop.

Making sure everything fits.

Piecing it together.


Juergen Bergbauer

(image via JuergenBergbauer)

Ok.. these are just rocks. And, they're beautiful. From German artist Juergen Bergbauer,
this quirky and sooo elegant series is made up of 40 or so different images, stared at all
of them.

(via I'mRevolting)  

(image via JuergenBergbauer)

(image via JuergenBergbauer)

(image via JuergenBergbauer)

(image via JuergenBergbauer)

Claire Brewster

(via ClaireBrewster)

Yep, we like using old maps to create art (1, 2, 3, 4, learn how here...) These intricate cut
outs are from London based artist Claire Brewster. Love how she adds depth to these with
light and shadows.

(via SFGirlByBay)

(via ClaireBrewster)

(via ClaireBrewster)

(via ClaireBrewster)

Niko Economidis

(image via Niko)

As someone that is ALWAYS making a personal resolution to read more and that is
also OBSESSED with books as objects and art (123456, 7...) cannot express
how blown away by the beautiful and clever simplicity of this Read-Unread Bookshelf
from multidisciplinary Brooklyn based designer Niko Economidis.

(via GuardianUK)  

(image via Niko)  

Nicola Yeoman

(image via NicolaYeoman)

A little more magic. Wonderful installations from British artist Nicola Yeoman. Besides
a shot of color here and there, her work has such a ghostly monotone feel to them.
Love the simplicity and the stories your brain makes up when you look at her work.

(via YellowTraceBlog)  

(image via NicolaYeoman)

(image via NicolaYeoman)

(image via NicolaYeoman)

(image via NicolaYeoman)

(image via NicolaYeoman) Had to split this pic because it was too wide, but love the story it tells.