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Pantone Palette

(image via Griottes).

This is like the perfect storm for  foodie designer types. From French food designer
Emilie de Griottes. And, if you have time, check out her site - seriously beautifully
and mouthwatering food styling and photography.

(via IdeasToSteal)

(image via Griottes).

(image via Griottes).

Simon Prades

(image via SimonPrades). So pretty.

Man, Simon Prades can draw. Looks like these pieces are his university portfolio work.
Can't imagine how good he's gonna get.

(via It'sNiceThat)

(image via SimonPrades).

(image via SimonPrades).

(image via SimonPrades).

(image via SimonPrades).

(image via SimonPrades).

Digs Dallas!

The yard on one side of the house.

Perhaps one of the best Saturday mornings in a long while. Right before heading to the
shop, met up with good friend Esther, architect and estate sale MAVEN of Digs Dallas
to check out an estate/demolition sale 4808 Dexter in Turtle Creek - one of the most
beautiful homes I've ever seen - great mid century modern design, lush mature trees
that fits right into the landscaping and, definitely my favorite detail, TWO bridges that
lead you right up to the front door.

If you love estate sale shopping and feeling like you're travelling back in time, then
you gotta check out Digs Dallas. She finds bargains, has en eye for repurposing, and,
probably my fav thing is that she's so so knowledgable on art and Dallas architectural
history; It makes the somewhat invasive process of going through someone's home
and their precious keepsakes a little more poignant. 

4808 Dexter.

The room upstairs. This was day two of the sale and the house was stripped pretty clean.

Walking across the bridge over the creek to the front door. Bridge!

What's left of the kitchen.

View of the house from the other yard.

Can you imagine having windows like this!?!

Old encyclopedia for sale.

Bridge to the other yard.

Terrarium Part Deux

Terrariums from Tish Brewer.

Thanks for another great workshop with our good friend Tish Brewer. Thank you everyone
that came out for our second Terrarium Workshop (see pics from the first one). It was a
super chill Thursday evening here and we hope everyone had a nice time.



Our good friend Joslyn.

Tish giving instructions on care.

The lone dude in the workshop.

Ideal Bookshelf

(via IdealBookShelf)

Not only do are Jane Mount's simple colorful illustrations charming, but I truly appreciate
this idea of capturing a person by their favorite and most influential books. The Ideal Bookshelf
is such a revealing and complex way of understanding someone. In her own words, it's
"an intimiate form of portraiture."

This is really fun to think about. We just did a quick shop survey, on my Ideal Bookshelf,
I'd have A Fine Balance, Jully would have The Body Ecology Diet, and Derek would have
The Little Prince...   

(via TheJealousCurator)

(via IdealBookShelf)

(via IdealBookShelf)

(via IdealBookShelf)