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4000lbs Moved In

Our Challenge Proof Press. 

They're in. After months of planning we finally got our two printing presses moved into
our new Bishop space. HUGE thanks to everyone involved. Especially our new friend,
Joe from Horton Tank Graphics in Massachusetts who travelled down here to get us up
and running. Also, thank you so much Art Larson for all the generous advice in helping
us set up our print shop. It's been a great week and we can't wait to start printing! 

Like threading a needle, we were able to fit the Challenge and two Vandercook #1's through the front door.
Really nerve wracking to see the press weigh down the lift gate.

The 325A was a different story.. We took over Bishop for a bit with our giant truck, fork lift...

It took ten dudes, an improvised ramp (for the 19" step down from the back door) but it's in!
Joe setting up the 325A while we're still working in the space.

Printing our first edition with Boxcar polymer plates on the 325A!

Derek's Day Off

Really beautiful handles. 

Armed with an afternoon off, Derek hit Trader's Village. Cannot tell you how much I love
these pics. It's like getting into his brain...


This puppy needs a new home!!!

Get it!

Would love to have these all over the shop.

Suitcase record player.


This is very Derek.

Trying not to be disturbed with all the pics on knives and weapons..

Summer Night Screenprinting with Holding Pattern

One of the best things about this workshop, is Mike and Brian show students how to use their environments
to create a studio at home.

Another super night with Mike and Brian of Holding Pattern. Thank you everyone that
came out for their screenprinting workshop this past Thursday. We're so glad to know
these guys and feel really lucky that we can collaborate with them and host such a great
workshop. Again, students learned "garage style" screenprinting techniques and skills.
Can't wait to see what this new crop comes up with.

Holding Patterns custom print for us!

This is awesome!

MIke and Brian showing students how to expose the screen with the moon!

All taped up and ready.

BEAUTIFUL custom desktop presses.