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We're kinda ready to open our Bishop Avenue Store!

still a work in progress..

It's been a crazy few months hustling back and forth between Henderson and Bishop, but it's 
been totally worth it because we're opening our Bishop shop tomorrow, Saturday, Sept 1st!!!
There's still so much to do and little details to iron out, but we're open for business at 10am.
Bear with us while we work out all the kinks. Once we get all this stuff figured out, we'll start
the printmaking workshops!

(Also, more good news, our AC at Henderson has been repaired, so we're back open there too!
Thanks for your understanding!)

View from the back of the store.

Most of our goods and products are finally out of their boxes!

New card shelf built by Derek.

Reflection of our printing presses.

Got the same great design products in both shops.


Screenprints and Japanese home goods.

Johnny Cupcakes is Coming Back!!!

Johnny Cupcakes Coffin Tour

Think the three of us can agree that one of the most memorable moments we've had since we've
opened our shop is having Johnny Cupcakes and his crew come to Dallas for their 2010 Suitcase
. So, we cannot be more excited that he's making it back down here again. Hope everyone
can come out Sunday, October 21st, 2012, 7pm for his new adventure. We'll have more info and
details as the dates get closer.


2010 Suitcase Tour.

Gallery Reception with Nosheen Iqbal on Saturday, Sept. 8th

close up of one of her pieces

We cannot be more excited to host an artist reception for the wonderfully talented designer and
paper artists, 
Nosheen Iqbal. Born in London and now based in Dallas, Noshi creates stunning
wood embroidery by combining an age old techique of threading with vibrant 
pigments against
the natural contrast of wood grain creating a new form of visual arts.

Also, she was very generous and gave us a little sneak peak into her new collection, home, and
studio. Hopefully this pictures reflect just how rich in color and elegant she and her work are.
As usual, we'll have plenty of drinks and eats and hope that everyone can make it out to see
amazing work and to meet the lovely Noshi.

Date: Saturday, September 8th, starting at 6pm
Location: WE ARE 1976 at 1902 N. Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206

Wood embroidered jewelry.


Materials and Supplies.

The great light and color in our home.

Snippets of her work.

So multi-talented, she also designs children's clothing.

Her studio.

Examples of her work.

LOVE her chesterfield.

Her warm and generous hospitality.

Leather Bookbinding with Tish

Tools and supplies  

Thank you everyone that came out last Thursday night for Tish's Leather Bookbinding
. This is the first time that I've personally taken a workshop and have to say
that I left enlightened and curious to learning more about the art of bookbinding. Firstly,
PARCHMENT PAPER - had absolutely no idea how durable and important this material
and craft is to history, basically everything. And, had no clue that most books were bound
with goat leather, not cow leather. So many things to learn.. Anyway, hope everyone had
a nice time and huge thanks again to Tish for another great workshop. 

lining up the pages to the leather

Binding the paper pages to the leather.

Threading thin strips of parchment paper through.

Binding the edges.

Ta Da!.

Our Fav Shop in Chicago

Their counter.  

All three of us fell in love with this tiny tiny shop immediately.  If you're ever in Chicago,
you need to check out FoundRe Furnishings. Want to thank the nice employee for not
getting creeped out by our photos, million questions, and drooling. Seriously soulful, 
unique and charming. Not only do they sell unique antiques but they resalvage old wood
to make custom frames.

Their display oozes personality.

Genius use of the laundry dryer to hang prints.

Some of the frames they made and an amazing tin ceiling.

Even the modular shelving is perfect.

Resalvaged wood. 

Workroom dinosaur!

Magical birdcage table hanging in the corner of the store. 

WE ARE 1976's Day Off!

DAY OFF!!!  

Armed with a few days off and Ferris Bueller as our guide, we hit Chicago for a few days
last week. Thanks to the PERFECT weather (79 degrees!), Chicago is so much better
than we expected - extremely walkable, great public transportation, AMAZING food,
super friendly people. Walking around, we felt so connected to the city and the people

-- We don't have pictures of it here, but we totally recommend The Purple Pig for
fantastic tapas, Joy Yee's Noodle Shop for Hong Kong style cafe food and a humungous
boba tea selection. Also, we stayed at the ACME Hotel in downtown - excellent price,
accommodations, and location.

Our city guide and our fashion inspriation...

Jully's take on Cameron and Derek's take on Ferris.

Vynsie's take on Sloane.

LOVE all the architecture in Chicago.

Chicago's skyline is so underrated. 

The bean at Millennium Park was pure chaos and awesomeness. While we were there, there was a free
outdoor concert in their stunning outdoor amphitheater. Talk about engaging the city with the people in it.

Came across a fantastic mural on the way to Reckless Records

Nerding out at Graham Crackers Comic Book shop. 

Gourmet comfort food (fried egg on french fries!), community seating, at The Publican

PERFECT SUMMER DAY at Wrigley Field.  

Fancy fancy by the Chicago Stock Exchange.