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We're kinda ready to open our Bishop Avenue Store!

still a work in progress..

It's been a crazy few months hustling back and forth between Henderson and Bishop, but it's 
been totally worth it because we're opening our Bishop shop tomorrow, Saturday, Sept 1st!!!
There's still so much to do and little details to iron out, but we're open for business at 10am.
Bear with us while we work out all the kinks. Once we get all this stuff figured out, we'll start
the printmaking workshops!

(Also, more good news, our AC at Henderson has been repaired, so we're back open there too!
Thanks for your understanding!)

View from the back of the store.

Most of our goods and products are finally out of their boxes!

New card shelf built by Derek.

Reflection of our printing presses.

Got the same great design products in both shops.


Screenprints and Japanese home goods.