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Cyanotype Printmaking Workshop on Saturday, October 13th

Cyanotype with illustration on top. 

Just added another workshop with the talented printer and paper artist Shamsy! -

Don't let all this Texas sunshine go to waste! Learn how to make cyanotypes with the
magic of the sun and three dimensional objects. We will coat our own paper with light
sensitive material and position our selected objects directly on the paper and expose
them with the power of the sun! Each person will leave with 3 completely original sun
prints as well as a handy dandy instructional packet, jam packed with useful resources! 

*** feel free to bring any small objects (no bigger than 5") to use as your subjects.
The flatter the object, the better. Ex: string, wrench, scissors, plant material etc...

WORKSHOP :  Cyanotype Printmaking Workshop with Shamsy Roomiani

DATE :  
Saturday, October 13th 2012, starts at 10:30am

COST :  $60 (all materials included, plus a bonus tool!)

LOCATION :  1902 N. Henderson Avenue, Dallas

REGISTER register online or call us at 214-821-1976*

*(please register in advance because class size is limited and we need to order all the supplies in advance.)

 Sample One.

 Sample Two.

 Sample Three.