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Dallas's Shamsy Roomiani

Shamsy's home studio. At her desk.

Hello! We have a whole bunch of new workshops this spring for the next few weeks,
including another Terrarium workshop with Tish Brewer and a Screenprinting workshop
with Holding Pattern (we'll have specific details of that out very soon, we're going through
the waiting list first)

We're really excited that one of our most popular stationary makers, Shamsy Roomiani,
will be teaching a new series of workshops at our shop! Shamsy is a really talented
paper artists and screenprinter - she oozes creativity AND is sooo nice. We stopped
by her studio and got a chance to check out her studio and we're excited about her
new workshops with us!

Such a great idea - she uses vintage children's books to create journals. 

Her home studio and supply area.

Vintage Map Workshop. Click here to register.   

Custom Easter Card Workshop. Click here to register.

Carve Your Own Rubber Stamp Workshop. Click here to register.

Earth Day - Conical Wreath and Coil Gift Box Upcycling Workshop. Click here to register.

Spring Bouquet and Mother's Day Workshop. Click here to register.