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Ernesto Neto at the Nasher

Ernesto Neto Exhibit at The Nasher Sculpture Garden

We've been working on a bunch of projects lately and needed a bit of a creative reboot
and so jumped at the chance to take a break and check out the absolutely sublime
Ernesto Neto bridge at The Nasher Sculpture Center. Magical. That's right, MAGICAL.
Please excuse the inelegant art language, but I can only describe it as part complex
crochet, part rainbow, and part home. Just a special moment. And, it was just what our
brains (and souls) needed.

So, we topped the morning off with lunch and a brainstorming session outside in their
backgarden/ outdoor gallery. Always amazes me that we have such a treasure in the
middle of Dallas. Hopefully, there will be an appropriate resolution to everything that
is happening with the Museum Tower..

Inside the bridge "walkway" is made of rubber balls..

Magical reflections from the front window.

Giant rubber ball crochet resting pebbles.

The textures and colors are killing me!

Back garden.

Everything about the Nasher is so interactive.

Duckling army.

Saw atleast four different school field trips for this exhibit.