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Leather Bookbinding Workshop on Thursday, August 9th

Leather Bookbinding Workshop with Tish Brewer. 

Hope y'all can join as on Thursday, August 9th for another workshop with the talented
Tish Brewer (who also  teaches the wildly popular (see here and here) terrarium workshop).
This time, she'll be teaching a leather bookbinding workshop - 

This soft cover leather pamphlet book is a structure inspired by early medieval
In this intro workshop, you'll learn tacketing (the method of attaching the blank
into the leather cover) and lacing (the method of joining corners, which also serves
decoration), both done with strips of parchment. You'll also get to experiment with blind

tooling the leather for further decoration. 

WORKSHOP :  Leather Bookbinding with Tish Brewer

DATE :  
Thursday, August 9th 2012, starts at 6:30pm

COST :  $45 (all materials included, plus a bonus tool!)

LOCATION :  1902 N. Henderson Avenue, Dallas

REGISTER :  online or call us at 214-821-1976