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Ruins of Detroit by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

(image via Marchand+Meffre) 18th Floor Dentist Cabinet, David Broderick Tower

Jaw-dropping, aching, wistful, and stunning photography from French photographers
Yves Marchland and Romaine Meffree documenting Detroit's decay. These images just
makes you sigh at such a missed opportunity. Such promise. Now, it's almost impossible
to imagine what Detroit must have been like in it's heyday.

I remember about a year ago, driving by the rubble of Texas Stadium in Irving after it's
demolition. The heap of abandoned debris seemed so... lonely and haunted. It's weird
how a building can seem so alive, then, all of the sudden quiet. Feel kinda sad for Detroit.

(via It'sNiceThat and Guardian.Co.UK)

(image via Marchand+Meffre) United Artist Theater 

(image via Marchand+Meffre) Melted Clock, Cass Technical HIgh School 

(image via Marchand+Meffre) William Livingstone House

(image via Marchand+Meffre) Ballroom, American Hotel

(image via Marchand+Meffre) Fort Shelby Hotel

(image via Marchand+Meffre) Bagley-Clifford Office of the National Bank of Detroit

(image via Marchand+Meffre) Ballroom, Lee Plaza Hotel